It always seems impossible until it is done !

The story of ARK Promotions began with our incorporation in March 2008 and since that time that organisation has experienced incredible growth. Today the organisation comprises of two marketing companies across the UK in Manchester and Middlesbrough and we are looking to expand we are planning to open our next offices in Europe and the US.

We have an atmosphere and culture that is very different from most companies. The mix of enthusiasm, motivation and goal orientation is very unusual in a business environment and often new people are very surprised by the atmosphere of the company sometimes mistaking the fun element and relaxed attitude as a lack of ambition or seriousness. This couldn’t be further from the truth because in fact we are more fired up about creating success than most organisations.

There are many travel opportunities on offer for those involved in the company and it is not uncommon to hear from people who have only been associated with the company for a matter of months telling of 2 or 3 trips to other European countries so that they could visit other offices or attend networking opportunities.

Our long term success is based upon providing the ambitious individuals in our organisation with opportunities to develop their own skills, gain experience and ultimately progress to senior levels of responsibility. This can only be accomplished by continuing to offer ongoing product training and support for people which will allow them in turn to achieve their own successes and assist in our continuing expansion plans.

Our aim is to create success in people by creating an environment where people can develop themselves and it is this goal that has shaped the company culture.

“Everything we do is geared towards developing great people”



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